Monday, 29 August 2011

Gay? Say whaaaaat?

Its been a long time since I last posted, namely due to the fact that I am working on a large programming project, and the fact that I am a lazy cynical shunt.

But I am taking time off from my shadowing workload to bring about something that jumped on my nerves today like a psychopathic hulk.

Tim Cook has been made the new CEO of Apple, replacing Steve Jobs. But now there is so much press on the power shift, almost ALL of it focusing on the fact that Time is gay.

OK I get how its funny to say that Timmy boy is the most powerful gay man in the world, but does it really matter?
How this man chooses to love, and who he gets into bed with doesn't really matter much in his business life at all.
There is no physical overlap so why do people and mass media intend on putting an overlap there? If this were a Venn diagram it should look like this: 

Its much of the same problem I have with affirmative action. Or as its called in South Africa, the BEE. Which to me stands for Bullshit Exists Everywhere. 
Who cares if your black,white, pink, brown or purple. That is not important, what IS important is whether or not your qualified to do your job and if you do do it to a great enough extent. Thats all thats really important.

The only job I can see that it makes any difference if your gay is maybe in the porn industry. 

I can understand how most people in politics are not gay, since they are big enough dicks already, add any more in and they may reach critical mass and implode on themselves.

Friday, 15 July 2011

As I Sit Here Blogging

I sit here, high,drunk and god knows what else.

It occurs to me, in this inebriated state, that despite my apparent blood poisoning I can not only spell inebriated but also make acurate judgement on the world. Bizarre correct?

You see it occured to me that in this world, life time and state of humanoid existence there is but a simple binary code that adheres ro all things. Yes or No.

Simple as that.

And sometimes we make decisions without knowing the ultimate outcome. We decide Yes, with out knowing that it is a No in future, or vise versa.

You see all people are made of two distinct personalities. And both can be seen in a box of cigarettes.

You see, look at the front of a box of marlboro, you will see that one of your personalities are attracted by the  royal embalm and king sized insignia, sugesting that these killing sticks are indeed your royal and loyal friends, and that is a lie.

Your other personality is attracted the other side, or more calling you to it, to see the boring old letters telling you that these special mates are indeed trying to kill you, and that is the truth. You see we as humans are attracted to the bitter, for that that starts bitter ends sweet and that that starts sweet ends bitter.

All that you are is a being that desires a new pathway towards the end.  All you are is a machine that desires death.
And that is the sad truth, you see you WILL die, no two ways, no none the less. That is the way and no second call. No matter how healthy you live, no matter how fit you are, you will die.

Everything you do is pointless because in the grand view of things you are an insignificant spec on the windscreen of the universe. And that my friend is the truth. You are nothing.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

One world, one religion. One hand, one finger.

Browsing through a book shop today I noticed the "Religions" section on the shelves.

What pissed me off is that there are two whole cases dedicated to it, now this would be fine if it were not for the fact that there was only 1 religion on display. Christianity.

What bullshit is this? The section is "Religions", a plural and yet there is but one on display. One half is general books about holier than thou arseholes bragging about their invisible friend, and the rest is a bunch of glorified bibles.

This pisses me off so much, this ignorant narrow minded view point. For instance there was a woman who once told me that there is only one religion in the world...christfuckinganity.
How dare they claim that there is but one religion in the whole world, how fucking stupid is that. How dare they claim they are the only right ones in the world. This woman has never even researched or thought about any other religions in the world so how fucking dare she say that?!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Family and friends

"They say that the family of the 21st century is made of friends, not family."

The above statement is one that I would like you to consider. Because I find it both wrong and right.

I have certain friends out there who I love, I see them as my brothers, as my adoptive mothers and as my creepy slightly dirty uncle who is not trusted around kids ( you know who you are ). But I also have friends whom I dont think of in that way, mere team mates in this game called life as it were.
Then there are family members who take secondary roles as well. My brother is my mate, and my cousin is as well.

There should be no dividing lines, no subtle apartheid between the two categories. Blood can be as thin as water and water can be as thick as blood.
I'm sure you know how I feel if I were to tell you that there are members of my family I would watch die and honestly merely leave it as that, but there are friends out there I would take a rainstorm of bullets for to save them.

We have become obsessed, us as a society, with putting things into neat little boxes. A category and a summery for everything. But it cant always be like that surely? Surely the lines dividing must fade, and contents held within drift over?

Anyway how do we create new family? We add our friends into the equation, since as I have been told, the best lover is also your best friend. I'm not saying go out and hit on your best mate, but really, when it comes to finding the one for you, make sure you could deal with that person as a friend first before you step further in.

As always I am never to certain where I am going with this, I was spurred on by a half formed idea that crossed my mind while I was watching an old British comedy. But take what you want from this rambling, or not.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Your fashion, their heritage

Sticking with this weeks theme of tattoos and as such I wanted to bring up a topic here.

Tattoos have never been as hot as they are now. Sure, they've always been popular among certain groups of society, but you'd be hard pushed to find a time equal to today's widespread and increasingly mainstream consumption of tattoo TV shows, dedicated books and magazines, merchandise , international conventions, and inked-up celebs and their identically inked-up fans. Tattooing has exploded.

But in the midst of the hype, is proper consideration being given to the origins of ink? Does the 17-year-old girl, who has the same hand tattoo as Cheryl Cole, think about how this long-standing tradition has evolved? Possibly not, but there are some traditional tattoo 'purists' who are shaking off the glamourous trimmings and fakery, and taking inking back to its roots. I for one agree with them.

The Egyptians, Celts, Picts, ancient Greeks - just about every culture - pushed ink into the skin, using sharks' teeth, rose thorns and pelican bones, along with pigments such as soot or red ochre. And as soon as needles came along in the Iron Age, people used them to mark their skin. Tattooing didn't start with rough sailors in the navy, this tradition has been around for centuries.

Today's popular view, that tattooing is an expression of youthful rebellion, is a far cry from the reasons why ancient communities wore tattoos. They indicated tribal status, healing, protection, a rite of passage, acts of love, or the mark of evil, slavery or even criminality. 

Each culture attaches different meanings to tattoos, but any meaningful symbolism has been buried under shallow tattoo trends. For an 18-year-old girl with a Bettie Page fringe, it might be cool to have your chest and neck inked with Sailor Jerry designs. At that age you're desperate to prove yourself to your peers, but it's not a contest, it's your body.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Thine Body, thine.... advertisement?

In relation to a blog post I made back in May, about tattoos and the idealogical system behind body art, I now bring you this irritatingly stupid tidbit.
A now,newly renamed, Hostgator Dotcom is selling his body.

Not in the street walking, pimp fearing,no kissing on the lips type of selling of ones body, but more along the lines of "THIS SPACE FOR RENT! ADVERTISE HERE TODAY" selling his body.

At the time of writing this blog the man once known as Billy has 29 website advertisements tattooed on his person, including his cheeks, forehead and chin. He now recently also legally changed his name to Hostgator Dotcom, who also have prepaid him to tattoo their logo on both sides of his neck.

Mr Dotcom states that "it’s a great investment for a company to make", when asked about the permanentness of these massive changes.

Now I'm not going to get snide and snarky just yet about Hostgator's choices, because there is an underlying story to his choices.
Back when he was Billy he used the money made from selling his back to an online casino to fly from Alaska to California to donate a kidney, and currently uses to money being made from all the other "sponsors" to donate to charity and support his family.

But think about what this man is doing. He has only got X amount of body space to sell off. His tattoos are right know at Y, but eventually Y will outgrow X. Then what will he do? 
Would you hire a person covered in slogans from websites such as xhamster's:"Just porn, no bullshit"?

I am also forced to wonder if Mr Dotcom is doing this for attention more than anything else?

Maybe its my absolute cynicism of life but does he really do all of this for a greater good, instead of the thrill taken from the way people react to the sight of you? 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

What is art?

I am sick of people bashing art. I am sick of people who have  no concept of it telling me that its rubbish, that the seemingly random splattered paint smears are useless, it should be some bowl of fruit or something. I am sick of somebody saying that all music is, is sound.

Art is a language. It is a language of the soul. It comes through images, and sounds and subtle motions, but it speaks to us, makes us feel emotion, it moves us in our own minds and freezes us in time. Art is the most powerful language in the universe.

Think about it; how does this make you feel:
You see? Dont you feel this mans fear, the chaos around him? The pain and the misdeed? That is art, its an image that spoke straight to your soul and touched you. Maybe you felt something different, but thats the point, it speaks to everybody in a different way, a unique way that is personal and deep for everybody.
That is art.

But art is more than images, art is everywhere you can think, if you merely look for it. Here is an amazing example.

See? What you really heard was merely vibrations on strings and yet it can move you in so many amazing ways. 

So before you say art is rubbish, and that the squiggly lines your looking at are bullshit, just try to see it from a different perspective. Let it touch you. Let your eyes see what is not there.